Business Turnaround Strategy


May 20


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Business Doctors


With the advent of the corona virus pandemic and the resulting impact on the economy and likely economic downturn and recessionary conditions across many countries, many companies facing tough trading circumstances. All of these external market factors posing a direct threat to businesses ability for continued survival.

 We believe this will lead to the renewed interest and need for business turnaround and recovery strategies as businesses look to improve their performance in the downturn ensuring they are ready to maximize and benefit from the coming upturn as economic activity returns back to normal

What you will learn: In this session we will explore turnaround strategies and their effectiveness. What actions you can take to determine and fix your business if in distress. We will explore turnaround diagnostic platforms and their ability to help you predict and remedy critical areas of your business.

Who this is for:  All business owners and managers looking to improve their performance  in turbulent times.

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