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ESD is a combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programs to service business needs. It is part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa. Learn more

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With the ever changing South African landscape and the increased need for SMEs and Suppliers to provide the answers to its future economic growth, Business Doctors have together with their strategic partners developed solutions that not only address this critical aspect of helping SMEs succeed, but go further by ensuring the success of theses businesses through focused Enterprise Development Solutions that drive high-growth targets of up to 71% improvement to business value and earnings.


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With years of collective experience in Finance, Marketing and Business Analysis, Business Doctors have developed a specific analysis and development framework that addresses the following core challenges that businesses face:


Our solution addresses the following supplier challenges:

  1. The inability to simulate and avoid real-time business issues and risks;

  2. The lack of a truly strategic and innovative approach to ensuring SME growth and development;

  3. The lack of competitive strategy driving >30% YOY Growth;

  4. The need to develop and grow businesses not using the conventional learning and training approaches;

  5. The inability to accurately measure improvement and increased ability to compete.

Business Doctors uses a multi-dimensional approach to Enterprise Supplier Development to ensure that all elements involved including R&D, Supply Chain, and Business Operations, are part of the process. Business Doctors also manages the relationships and links between the ED, ESD, SC, and Operations ecosystem on behalf of our clients

Business Doctors solutions are customised to match specific Customer and Enterprise & Supplier Development needs. We focus on the following strategic services:


BEE Strategy Development:

  1. BBBEE Strategic Advisory and Tech Enabled Score Cards

  2. Business Competitive Intelligence Consulting

  3. Enterprise & Supplier Development strategy

  4. Skills Development advisory and ESD Integration

ESD Design and Management:

  1. Turnkey ESD program design and management

  2. ESD, SCM, Contract and SLA management

  3. Supply chain and supplier risk management

  4. Detailed cost management and reporting

  5. Low cost high return program development

ESD Delivery:

  1. Industry-specific supplier benchmarking

  2. Advanced diagnostic platforms enabling detailed performance gap analysis, development, learning

  3. Direct measurable economic value ad

  4. Supplier level reporting and tracking

Investment Management:

  1. Alternative ESD investment options maximizing ROI

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