Growth Platforms

Business Doctors have developed RED3SIXTY, business growth platforms aimed at helping you run diagnostics and determine where in your client’s business you need to focus. The systems help predict growth scenarios that will add up to 26% more profits. Ultimately the platforms aim to help you scale your consulting business by 12x

Gain access to our RED3SIXTY business diagnostic platform ensuring you are certified and ready to provide the diagnostic solutions to your customers. The platform provides a structured customer acquisition process followed by an automatic business diagnostic report generation aimed at scaling your consulting practice.

The RED3SIXTY platform provides you with an end-to-end customer service portal automating monthly reporting and progress tracking. The platform comes with access to unlimited resources at a low monthly subscription of $49

Business Builder Certification, just one of the diagnostic solutions available on the RED3SIXTY platform, provides you with a business development certification ensuring your knowledge of the methodology and growth system.

Receive diagnostic specific webinar and workshop material and training to assist with lead generation.

The 10-module certification program is focused on enabling you to facilitate each monthly module with your clients. The 10 modules are focused on business growth and scaling fundamentals. Each of the modules contain sub tools that you will also receive training on

The RED3SIXTY platform enables both customer and consultant tools and content download once the modules are activated. The content and tools enable business-specific development linked to improving the performance as indicated in the report. Tools and content can all be customized to match branding and company information

The RED3SIXTY platform enables the automatic report generation linked to the customer specific diagnostic. The reports provide insights linked to business gaps and opportunities making it easier to map the customer development journey.

Report generation forms part of a new revenue stream as the customer can select to purchase the report. There are 4 main diagnostics that the platform currently supports all with linked report generation and management functionality

The RED3SIXTY platform provides you with access to four business diagnostic and development methodologies. The four main diagnostic solutions ensure that you are able to analyse and scale any size business. Based on your subscription you can access and in turn provide the additional services and solutions to your customers.