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sales accelerator

Looking for maximum revenue and profit growth?

Selling has changed drastically in recent years. Clients will now contact a company only when they are 65% or more ready to buy, leaving most sales people less influential during the sales process. Technology such as CRM and inbound marketing has changed how sales works yet has not necessarily made selling easier.

With all of this change, how are you and your sales force adapting to this change? We know that most companies are struggling to adapt.

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  • We can help you to
  • Look at your current sales process
  • Boost your sales efforts

We can help you to

Using the Sales Accelerator Model for Maximum Revenue and Profit Growth will:

  • Advance prospecting for qualified opportunities using unique profiling methodologies
  • Improve One-to-One as well as One-to-Many selling, using ‘The 9-Step Sales Process’
  • Implement better-quality pre and post-sales procedures for effective customer nurturing
  • Develop enhanced objection-handling techniques for better sales and negotiation
  • Improve your teams’ sales closing rate for maximum revenue

Look at your current sales process

It is said that 81% of sales happen after 7 or more contacts, but 85% of the time sales people stop after the 1st or 2nd sales contact. Clearly most companies are not only in need of a relook at their current sales process, but also need to redesign and implement a strategic sales solution to help address their long-term growth strategy.

Boost your sales efforts

The Sales Accelerator Model also helps you integrate the best of sales principles with technology in order to bolster up sales efforts while improving customer service. It is also:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Practical and easy to implement
  3. Provides you with efficient measuring and management processes for improved predictability.

From Sales Strategy to Execution, The Sales Accelerator Model is the solution.