How much fun can you have with marketing?

How fun can you make marketing?

Note: I am keeping names out of this. Try and see if you can spot the brand before the video at the end is over.

In general, business owners are not fond of the words, “Sales” and “Marketing”.

The biggest hurdle (I think) is the lack of knowledge and experience. Marketing is a good investment if done right. Whatever you spent on marketing should at least bring in the same in monitory value to cover the costs. From there onwards, you should create income from your spent.

Marketing can be fun!

When last did you sit down and think about a fun way to engage with your customer? Something out of the box? Something that will get you, your employees and your customers excited. Something that will get other people to think, “Wow, I want to be part of that”.

In a recent marketing campaign from one of South African biggest take away companies, trending #HeadlessMan the marketing executive had this to say about the campaign:

“Overall, it was a unique marketing stunt, with minimal production costs, and minimal spend on paid media to promote it,” he concluded.

Marketing should not always have to cost you a lot of money. You can think of different ways to get your name or brand out there with little spend. Use your contacts, ask favours, do it yourself up until you need a professional for something. The more original and “Homemade” it is can work well in your favour.

This is the video that was made. Spot the brand before the video ends. If you can guess the brand, they did it right. And so can you.

If you can’t see the video follow this link: