ESD Overall Process

Our solutions and programs aim to extend Enterprise and Supplier Development to incorporate SCM functions ensuring effective budget utilization through a combination of ESD, SLA and supplier contract management services. 

The program strategically integrates ESD with SCM and Operations by leveraging the supplier network to improve sales and product/service market penetration. Our program provides end to end ESD initiative scoping, delivery and management ensuring high return on investment, maximum scorecard performance and economic impact.

The benchmark process and functionality enables optimum value add and aggregated data to further align future development initiatives.


Step 1 entails providing the customer and its supplier a link to the online survey portal. Supplier and Enterprise selection are done through marketing, existing supplier databases or customer and industry species databases.

Step 2 the customer send the link to their suppliers or the database that the suppliers or enterprises in turn complete (unlimited and at no cost). A comprehensive supplier and enterprise analysis and diagnostic report is provided to the customer. This enables detailed planning and customisation of the E&SD programs. (aggregated report and diagnostic at no cost)

Step 3 on approval site visits are conducted. This step includes skills verification, equipment and asset audit and needs analysis, governance and process audits. If not incorporated into a program this is done on a case by case basis at minimal cost per site visit and development plan.

Step 4 focuses on the launch and management of the program, these costs are included in the Tiered pricing structure

The process steps 1 to 4 enable the planning and delivery of programs inline with needs identified in the process.


The following options are available based on size and maturity of the suppliers and enterprises:
A)Three tiers aligned with the supplier development needs i.e. Tier 1 for QSEs (turnover or maturity), Tier 2 for EMEs (mid level solution aimed at EMEs or low maturity QSEs), Tier 3 for Enterprise Development aimed at group intervention including both EME and QSEs.
B)This option is available after step 3 and cab serve as an alternative development option for large numbers of suppliers. The option enables online self development inline with diagnostic report enabling the suppliers to self develop and close performance gaps. This is done at cost of R3500 per suppliers for a 8 month program. This includes webinar mentoring throughout the program
C)This option entails the restructure of the Tier 3 solution that’s part of option A to focus on Research and Development by incorporating technology incubation. This includes development of prototypes and ICT solutions.
D)This option is intended to precede step 1 be incorporating focus and selection from the local community. The program is structured to ensure that all in the community is positively impacted and that those with skills and ability are progressed through the community steps program to ultimately be considered for Enterprise and Supplier Development.
E)Develop a team of industry specific, customer specific, supplier specific consultants that will be trained and certified to deliver ESD services. Target internalizing of spend and focus to ensure long term sustainability effectively enabling the customer to leverage and retain the dedicated services of their own consultants



Step 2 can incorporate a supplier day aimed at sharing the results with the suppliers, at this event each supplier will get their personal report (workshop facilitation at no cost and unlimited, Supplier report from R800 to R1999). Step 3, the customer has the ability to inline with the benchmarking report and specific supplier needs provide either online development or facilitated development programs.