Micashin Thambiran, Sherwyn Pillay & Urvasi Govender

Business Doctors for Greater Durban Region

Micashin Thambiran and Sherwyn Pillay are currently the directors at Business Doctors KZN Greater Durban. A recent addition to the team of directors is Urvasi Govender. In addition they sit on the board of various other companies. 

They have collectively over 24 years of experience in the SME sector focused on business development. They have assessed thousands of businesses across various industries. They have also assisted more than 200 business in their growth strategies. For the last 8 years Micashin and Sherwyn both has been following their passion of building businesses, specializing in assisting businesses in growth strategies and assisting Entrepreneurs achieving wealth.

Sherwyn and Micashin have both obtained their commerce degrees. Sherwyn has numerous other accreditations. Micashin is a qualified Professional Accountant and Professional tax practitioner.

Sherwyn has in excess of 12 years’ experience in the SME development and funding space.

Micashin has 7 years of experience in the development funding industry and 6 years’ experience in the accounting industry as an accountant and financial manager.

Urvasi have 16 years banking experience and successfully ran her own business for almost 10 years. She have a passion for business and is focused on assisting & empowering other business owners to strive for success.

Contact us:

Micashint@business-doctors.co.za   079 524 4298

Sherwynp@business-doctors.co.za   082 925 0768

Urvasig@business-doctors.co.za       071 868 1337


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