Cameron Burt

Cameron Burt

Have you recently asked yourself just why did you start this business?

Is there a part of you that has wondered just why you work so hard?
Do you have a clear strategy to grow your business?
Are you positioning your company to be valuable enough to attract potential
Do you even have an exit strategy?
Are you a business owner, or does the business own you?
Working IN the business, or ON your business?

Imagine being able to access a widely trusted business partner to help you to chart your
company strategy.

Imagine having clarity about your exit strategy to fully capitalise your equity
Imagine knowing just how much your business is worth now and by how much and
how to increase that value.

Besides tertiary qualifications including BCom Hons, an MBA from the University of Stirling and extensive corporate experience, I have successfully founded my own businesses,
making me perfectly positioned to assist entrepreneurs like you. I have assisted multiple entrepreneurs across Africa to design and implement their
strategic growth plans for exponential growth.
Like them, power your company to success so that you also attract venture capital funding.
Formulate your own exit strategy to assess your company from the investor
s point of view, whether that exit plan is relevant now or in the long term.

Contact me:

CALL: 083 212 9414


Do you find yourself spending all your time working in your business and not on your
business? Business Doctors is a support network dedicated to helping small and
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