Nontokozo Nyoni

Nontokozo Nyoni


I am a self-motivated executive, highly enthusiastic, passionate and experienced manager effective in marketing both tangible and intangible products & services. I enjoy challenges, and always push the boundaries in order to reach my goals and objectives. I have completed my MBA in 2019, and my thesis focused on Entrepreneurship. Armed with new credentials my work in adult learning and facilitation began.

I am passionate about business development and adding value to SMMES across all sectors and hence the reason for joining the Business Doctors network that not only assist you to grown your business but walks the journey with you. My background in Marketing, Retail Management and Entrepreneurship spans over 25 years across industry sectors such as such Technology, FMCG and retail has equipped me with necessary tools to ensure that we elevate your business to the next level. 

I assist companies and SMMES identify the appropriate tools, processes and use proven metrics to elevate and help business owners grow the business. My entrepreneurial journey started 14 years ago when I gave up my corporate job to pursue my new passion for new business development and also seeking the work life balanced lifestyle.

As a qualified Business Doctors consultant and passion for learning and development, I have had the privilege to work with SMMEs during their most challenging times in their businesses but have managed to help them remain focused and optimistic to ensure their company growth and business sustainability.

Being part of the Business Doctors worldwide team, I have access to and use of the tools that have been created from best practice experience, developed over years of consulting with thousands of companies around the world, allowing me to deliver the structured approach that works.

Contact me:

082 928 9923 

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