Yolisa Songca

Business Doctor for East London

Yolisa Songca has a sound and thorough understanding of the employment relationship and is well qualified to advise clients on all aspects of industrial relations in a personal and approachable manner.

She and her team has been responsible for designing a number of training courses in labour relations and conflict resolution and has consulted widely to employers on their industrial relations problems. She has always promoted sound employer – employee relations through interest bargaining as the hallmark of progressive labour – Management relations.

She is the 2018 – LDI Director, Junior Chamber International, South Africa and 2017 – Local President of Junior Chamber International, East London. JCI is an international federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs, a worldwide community of young active citizens who share the belief that in order to create positive change we must take collective action to improve ourselves and the world around us.

CALL: 060 364 5328

EMAIL: yolisas@business-doctors.co.za

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