JP Otto

Business Doctor for Centurion

Business is a passion of mine and my ultimate satisfaction comes from helping business leaders and entrepreneurs grow their businesses to new heights.

I have an entrepreneurial mind-set and have been building my skills in different positions and industries over the years to have an all-round experience for business and management.

During my time at various companies and within various industries, I have refined my skills in different departments in functions such as Sales and Client Relations, Project Management (Construction, Food Industry and IT), Process and Procedure Design and Implementation, Legal (Contract Management, Employee Contracts, Partner Contracts and Management, Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy Documentation). I also spent time in Human Resources, Office Administration and Management, Business Partner Relations, CMR Management and many more.

Values that I stand by and that form my personal and professional life is honesty and being true to who you are.

I strive to help business owners to grow their businesses to new heights, surpassing what they had ever dreamed of and to be “THE” guy to talk to about business growth in Centurion.

072 172 5898