Earl King

Earl King


Accomplished and self-driven Senior Manager within the ICT sector.  The successful retention and growth of the revenue lines, and continued identified cost reduction, were achieved through established collaboration and leadership of virtual and direct reporting teams.  My 17-year career experience spans all segments as a business owner in voice, network and IT service areas.  The budgeting and delivery of business plan targets and my contribution to organizational goals were achieved through both operational project management and strategic business drive.  Success relied on stakeholder engagement throughout all organizational areas including Legal, Procurement, Finance, HR, customer channels and technical Operational areas.

The variety of product streams managed during my career served all market segments and required my general management expertise to adapt delivery for results with changing industry trends.  The establishment and improvement of processes and agile or traditional resource utilization is central to my success in my previous roles.  The cross-organizational engagement of all stakeholders, from operational staff to executive leadership, is a supporting pivotal factor which I successfully employ to link company strategy with matched customer value, for the delivery of relevant solutions for sustainability.

Contact me:

CALL: 081 354 8278

MAIL: EarlK@business-doctors.co.za

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