Christo Olwagen

Christo Olwagen

I have extensive local and international business turnaround experience in the Oil Industry, having performed in roles such as contract management, supply chain planning and optimisation, organisation design, change management, process improvement, business development and product portfolio management. During my various assignments I generated millions of dollars benefit in additional opportunity margins, working capital and stock reduction.

For the last 4 years I have been involved in helping start-ups in a number of idea accelerators and start-up workshops. I have delivered Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programs for large corporate clients and have consulted for a number of corporates on market entry strategies, and process / profit improvement programs. 

I am deeply curious and love discovering new problems and developing solutions for them, and I love making existing processes work more efficiently. This means that I am great at helping businesses grow into bigger, better and more sustainable entities that can thrive in our chaotic environment.

I balance my strong creative thinking with highly skilled analytics to turn data into actionable plans and decision points.

Most importantly, I believe in long-term support and relationships with my clients.

Contact me:

CALL: 083 629 0428


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