Christo Olwagen

Business Doctor for Bryanston

What gets me out of bed in the morning? Discovering new problems and developing solutions for them, and making existing processes work more efficiently. In my business, this passion gets fed by helping businesses grow into bigger, better and more sustainable entities that can thrive in our chaotic environment.

I balance strong intuitive thinking with highly skilled analytics to distinguish between information, opinion and superstition when it counts most. I believe in fast decision-making, supported by an understanding of the risks of the decision.

I have extensive local and international business turnaround experience in the Oil Industry, having performed in roles such as deal-making, supply chain management, contract negotiation, organisation design, change management, process improvement and product portfolio management. During my various assignments I generated millions of dollars benefit in additional opportunity margins, working capital and stock reduction.

My other area of passion lies in Education, where I serve on the Governing Body of my daughters’ schools as well as the Gauteng Provincial Board of the Governing Body Foundation, and am doing my small bit to not only make our local schools a better place for our learners, but also to influence the broader environment to lift education in our entire country. I am especially keen on creating an environment where we instil more entrepreneurial skills in our youth at a younger age.

I am a creative, passionately lateral thinker that will bring fresh energy to your business.

CALL: 083 629 0428


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