Edward Mini

Edward Mini


I have 19yrs of working experience which spans from article clerk, insurance claims, Debt management in Recruitment, Telecommunications and FMCG, Assistant Accountant and Assistant Finance Manager in Manufacturing, Small Business Development and Financing in Government Agency.

I spent 9yrs in SME development and dealt with Franchise Businesses, Start Up Businesses, Agricultural Businesses, Expansion Businesses and Contract Finance. This experience involves business development support, financing, and post investment support. All this experience coupled with newly found knowledge of quantitative management degree which offers systematic and scientific approach to problem solving and decision making. This practical field is applicable in manufacturing, business management, banking, environmental planning, mining, engineering projects, management consultancy and any other situation where decision making takes place.

I have studied BAcc at University of Durban Westville and BCom Quantitative Management at UNISA. This quantitative management degree provides mathematical modelling and programming skills, data analysis and applied statistics which are useful in a variety of decision-making areas for optimisation of resources.

Contact Me:

CALL: 079 517 6884

MAIL: Edward.Mini@business-doctors.co.za

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