Create Your Business Strategy

Create your Strategy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Business Doctors offers a comprehensive 10 step strategy plan that will see you implementing organisational goals for your business. These tactics and methods will help you keep a business afloat and thrive in the long term.

Whether you are launching a new business or division, or working on a plan to grow your business, you need a strategy that is:

a) Sound and easy to communicate

b) Is practical to execute

c) Contains efficient supporting processes and systems, as well as the

d) Tools to measure progress and guide strategic adjustments where necessary

The Business Doctors’ 10 Step Strategy Plan will help you define a competitive strategy aimed at increasing the value of your business while ensuring +30% revenue growth. If you are looking to maximise and align your business and its resources contact us today for a complimentary business consultation and review.

Strategy Framework

Step 1: Understand why you want it – be selfish
Before you set about creating a growth strategy for your business, it is important to understand what is motivating you – what drives you and why you want it?

Step 2: Define your core values
Articulation of core values is important in the instant of laying bare principles and work ethics that you cherish the most. These outline how you do business and relate to customers as well as suppliers. Values are apparent whether written down or not for they front all of your business practices.

Step 3: Define your core purpose
This goes beyond defining a business around the product or service. For growth there also has to be acknowledgement of:
– The kind of business you are in.
– Customer’s need before product or service
– Further flexibility in how to fulfil customer needs so as to stay competitive.

Step 4: Create a business vision
Where do you want your business to be in 3-5 years’ time? What measurable objectives are put in place to realise this?

Step 5: Future proof your business
Realise the ‘bigger picture’ by tracking social trends, technological advancements, economies and politics

Step 6: Know your market
‘Market audits’ allow you to gain understanding of your market and opportunities. This includes your customers, competition, products, services, suppliers and strategic partners.

Step 7: Look in the mirror
As soon as you have a clear picture of the market opportunities available, there is leeway to start understanding the reality of capabilities. This we find out through the GIVE Analysis.

GIVE Asks:
Where are you  – GREAT
– Where can you – IMPROVE
– Where are we – Vulnerable
– Where’s your – EDGE

Step 8: Address the ‘so what factor’
At this stage we should be in a position to understand your potential growth by matching market opportunity with internal capability – in other words finding your “Sustainable Competitive Advantage”.

This understanding allows us to know:
– What makes us DIFFERENT?
– What makes us BETTER?

Step 9: Your business plan
This is time to start writing a business plan and looking for potential investors.

Step 10: Your operations – sales and people
Strategic Planning is simply a method of tactics. Execution is the determiner of the success. This step will help you align your people performance to the strategy.

Download your Strategy Framework Below!