Claude Trevisan

Claude Trevisan

I help overburdened business owners in the engineering & manufacturing industry break through their growth glass ceiling and get up to 30% growth per annum or more, while actually freeing up more time in the process.

I will help you to work ON your business rather than IN it, by making your business more valuable because it runs independently of you in a more structured, efficient & measurable way.


Whilst in the corporate world, I dealt with suppliers of diverse sizes. Mainly in manufacturing I found they often struggled with meeting requirements. Often this resulted in late payments, which severely impacted their cash flow.

As I have a passion for and strongly believe in people growth through mentoring and coaching, I started helping them. I found they had little or no systems in place, and often ran their business on a wing and a prayer. I helped them put the basic processes in place and there was a huge increase in their ability to deliver.

My passion to help SMME’s is now my job.


In my 33 years corporate career, and the various management positions I held, I was able to develop experience and expertise in all aspects of running a business. When I left and started my own business, I had to adapt and apply what I had learned before, to help me overcome the challenges that all small business owners face daily.
As a qualified Business Doctors consultant and through my continuous training, and access to the Business Doctors’ 16 years of international best practice experience and tools. I’ve had the opportunity to have worked with many SMME’s to help them build their businesses. All of the above makes me ideally suited to working with business owners in the engineering and manufacturing industry.


While I worked with these businesses, they often asked:
How do I
-grow my business?
-improve my cashflow?
-better understand my financials?
-get my business to run independently of me?
-get more time?

I can help you answer these questions.


I help companies put the required structures, processes and metrics in place so that, the owner spends less time micromanaging and more time finding creative entrepreneurial solutions.


Contact me:

082 779 3086 

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